Magic is an art form not unlike playing the piano, painting with oils, or applying perfectly smooth fondant - some will dabble with it and learn little by little, others will pick it up in a snap, and some will even perfect their form only to forget it a little while later! But no matter how you build your abilities, it can be tremendously helpful to get lessons that will boost your skillset.

The art of magic is maintained the strongest through community. Magicians often teach each other magic, passing along certain aspects or techniques of the art form, whether to a friend, an apprentice, or a protégé. Magic groups gather regularly to learn something new or share what they're developing. (Though sometimes a magician will choose to keep their legacy alive by never revealing a single secret! Could you discover a technique that makes you a living legend?)

If you're fortunate to have a magician in your life, ask them for one-on-one lessons. They're certain to appreciate your passion for the art of magic.

And if at all possible, we strongly encourage you to support your local independent magic shop. There is nothing like walking into a store, perusing the eclectic selection, and watching a magician give a live performance right in front of you!

But no matter how you find your way to the wonder of magic, Royal will be there for you. Royal Magic has been there for magicians from the get-go and we don't plan on changing anytime soon. In the coming months, we'll be developing an online space where you can learn some magic, glean some techniques, and enjoy an old fashioned magic show here at However digital the world is becoming, magic will find a way to live on.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at: