$ 69.95


APPLAUSE - Pocket” is a unique utility prop for the working professional performer, stand-up comedian or just the life of the party looking for a new schtick! Created, hand crafted, tested and proudly assembled in Chicago, IL., APPLAUSE is the classic iconic Applause sign , shrunken down to fit in the palm of your hand, blinks three times when and only when activated by the operator.

Included is a universal charging cable that will charge and keep the Applause sign ready to go for hundreds of performances on a single charge. The sign will fasten to the outside or inside of a sport coat, using the self contained magnetic fastener much like a name tag. Activation cable can be pinned to the inside of your jacket, or channeled inside the fabric for a more permanent installation. 

Not your average novelty sign, APPLAUSE was designed from the ground up specifically for the performer to have a concealed trigger to activate the sequence at a moment’s notice, this is an ideal walk-around utility prop. Slim design but bold and bright when activated.

 APPLAUSE - Pocket Multi-color Edition will allow you to choose brightness , and select from 7 different color combinations. Sequence when triggered, is ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON, “fades” OFF from center to the left and right, simulating a curtain closing.

For quick tips on performance, use, and operation, a QR code will provide a link to a video with all of that information.

BRIGHTNESS: To adjust, press brightness button and APPLAUSE will blink 3 times at a different brightness level. Press again for level 2, and a 3rd time for the 3rd level.

COLOR: If equipped, slide switch to color, press color button and the color will change and blink 3 times. Press again until you reach the desired color, and device will retain that color choice until changed.


CUSTOMIZATION: Custom programming and activation cable customizations are available upon request and will add a production time of 3-6 weeks and a possible additional charge. Please email for personalized assistance,



Thank you for supporting independent magical engineering!


A D’Valent Creation.