Easy to learn magic tricks

Magic has never been so popular! is a great resource for magic tricks and sets for the beginner to learn magic tricks to amaze friends and family!   Royal Magic is proudly manufactured in the USA , and designed by professional working magicians. We also have a team of educators, including physics teachers on our team designing products such as our FUN with the Science of Magic kit, and more.  For learning the performing arts, such as magic, Royal is your one stop shop!

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What may be the most unique magic kit we've ever released, Fun with the Science of Magic explores the scientific principles that make the magic happen! Written by a literal, actual, not-even-kidding, super-serious, but also hilarious, real, authentic physicist, this kit will have you learning, laughing, and magically magicking, all the way to the head of the class! Coming quite soon, get ready for Fun with the Science of Magic! Subscribe to our friendly, occasional newsletter* to stay informed of the release date!See you science-ing! *Scroll down. Look to the right. Huzzah!

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