Invisible Deck - Blue Back

$ 14.00

This magic trick is one of the MOST POWERFUL effects ever created. 

The magician presents an “ Invisible Deck “ , and using their imagination, the audience member takes the cards out of the box, and shuffles the invisible cards. Then, that audience member, or another, can think of ANY card in the deck, a completely free choice. 

Once the spectator says which card they are thinking of, they’re asked to “throw” the deck back to the magician. They do that, and the magician then instantly “catches” a REAL PHYSICAL deck before their eyes! 

Now, the magician pulls out the cards from the box, and spreads the cards in their hand until one card stands out from the rest… It’s FACE DOWN! The audience member can freely take that face down card out, and to their amazement it is THEIR THOUGHT OF CARD!


-Easy to Perform  

-This trick has been performed countless times on television.

-Specially gimmicked deck of cards made in the USA with authentic Bicycle playing cards.

-Although a magician should not repeat a trick right after it’s performed, this trick RESETS ITSELF, and can be performed again, right away if desired. 

-Includes easy to follow printed instructions.

-Orders of $75 or more include a complimentary virtual magic lesson on any or all items purchased.