Magic Man Aces

$ 9.99


An Instant display of skill and seemingly impossible feat of prestidigitation, the magician effortlessly cuts to the four aces, one at a time, in a very impressive and entertaining manner. 

Four aces are shown, then freely and openly placed throughout the entire deck in different places, the deck is cleanly squared up, no funny business… yet. The deck is shuffled once, even twice to prove it’s mixed.

Next, the magician splits the cards in different sections, appearing to visually “track down” where each Ace is located, one may be 10th from the top, the next one 37th, and so on. Nothing yet, but the magician continues cutting and mixing. Then, one cut brings the first ace Ace to the top of the deck. The next cut brings the second, and the third Ace to the top. Lastly, the audience member can cut the deck to the last Ace!

An underground effect by Chicago magician Dan Neilson, shared only at Chicago and Las Vegas magic clubs, never commercially released until now. 

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, Magic Man Aces is simply a starting off point for you to take the principles taught, and build onto them to create more routines, BUT, if nothing more, you will learn a solid 4-Ace routine after watching this. Dan has taken an old technique and built this fantastic and magician-fooling routine around it. Add your favorite flourish or Sybil cut to the routine to drop even more jaws!

Dan is so confident that you’ll learn this, he says “ I guarantee you will be able to perform this and amaze your friends after you finish watching this video, or your money back!”

 15+ minute instructional video filmed on location in Wheeling, IL. Includes real world performance video. 

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